accent lighting

up lighting

The light source is aimed upwards and is effective when used to highlight interesting features like trees, fountains, or textured wall surfaces. 

ambient lighting

Expert Lighting

Architectural & 

Landscape Lighting

The light source creates a low level light on walkways, flowerbeds, shrubs or ground cover. Is a nice contrast to uplighting and a good way to incorporate color from flowers and low growing bushes.

down lighting

Lighting that illuminates an overall area with a comfortable level of light. In outdoor situations, ambient lighting brightens patio for eating or entertaining, or an entry way for safety and security.

Using a specially designed bracket, this technique allows for precise fixture placement at the base of a roof line to pin-point interesting architectural features above the roof line like dormers, peaks, chimneys, etc. without any light overspill

Creates a widespread distribution of light, perfect for illuminating a wall, monument, sign or large object. Lighting a flat wall or surface by positioning the light source near the base so that light washes over the surface.

path/area lighting

wash lighting

The light source is mounted above an object or area and the beam is directed downwards, casting light over a wide area. For highlighting flower beds, paths or steps, the down light is positioned close to the ground.